Americans Are Feeling A Lot Of Anxiety

If you feel overcome by anxiety as much as five times a day, you’re not alone. A survey by CBD oil company Endoca shows that most Americans are in the same boat. Over four-in-10 who responded say they’ve been overwhelmed by severe anxiety and that makes them feel embarrassed. A whopping one-in-five say they have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder.

What else does the survey show?

  • 58-percent say they should be a stronger person
  • 53-percent say they feel different than everyone else
  • The number one source of anxiety is work
  • Social gatherings and money worries are close behind
  • Four-in-10 say their partner is the biggest anxiety inducer

When it comes down to it, according to Endoca CEO henry Vincenty, the US has a serious mental health problem and the stigma doesn’t help. Millions of Americans don’t seek help because they’re embarrassed.

Source: SWNS

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