Citizens Budget Commission Releases Report On NYC Ferry Costs

The Citizens Budget Commission released a report that shows the New York City Ferry system is the second highest federally subsidized ferry in the country.

Each ride costs the NYC budget $9.34 in federal aid.

By comparison, the Staten Island Ferry, which offers free rides thanks to the New York Department of Transportation, only costs the federal government $5.46 per ride.

Sean Campion, a financial analyst for the Citizens Budget Commission told the New York Post, "The big difference is fares. The fares that other cities offer vary by route, so that routes that are longer and have higher operating costs, or serve a smaller number of people tend to have higher fares."

NYC spent $673 million to build and operate the ferries and hopes to have the government subsidies cut down to $7.00 soon.

De Blasio administration representative Seth Stein noted in a statement the the ferries are in constant use.

"The NYC ferry is overwhelmingly popular with riders, a testament to the need it fills," he said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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