Laser Strikes On The Rise At Local Airports

The FBI and FAA are asking for the public's help in tracking down whoever is responsible for pointing a ‘blue laser' at planes that are landing at JFK airport.

In a recent statement, the FBI said: "A blue laser appears to be emanating from the area of Roslyn, New York, and pilots have reported eye injuries as a result of those laser strikes."

Pointing a laser at a plane is a crime that is punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

The President of the Airline Pilots Association, Captain Lee Moak told the New York Post, "Pointing lasers at aircraft in flight poses a serious safety risk to the traveling public and officials will vigorously pursue anyone who misuses these devices."

The FAA received nearly 7,000 laser strike notices nationwide in 2017 an increase of 250 percent in just 7 years. The three local airports have reported 92 laser strikes so far this year.

Photo Credit: Getty Images