Guy Takes Fastball From Pitching Machine To The Groin And Is Now Suing

Batting cages can be a very dangerous place if you're not careful.

Back in August, 52-year-old Ethan Brecher from New York City went to the batting cages to take some swings. He started working on his swing at the slower speeds, then kicked it up a notch to take hacks in the 75 mile-an-hour cage. That's when things went bad. Pitch number one was a 75 mile-an-hour fastball right to the groin.

Brecher claims he fell down in agony in the worst pain he's ever had and ended up at the hospital where they found internal bleeding. A urologist told him he could wind up losing the testicle in the future because of the injury. That's all he needed to hear, so he filed a $100,000 lawsuit against the batting cage owner.

He claims the cage had malfunctioned because he only had five seconds after he put the coins in the machine until when the pitch was thrown.

Photo Credit: Getty Images