Family Goes To NJ Amusement Park And It’s Closed

It’s like a scene out of “National Lampoon’s Vacation,” a family heads to customer appreciation day at an amusement park and it’s closed.

One lone guard was all the New Jersey family found at Clementon Park And Splash World. Rasheena Phinisee and family had discounted tickets for the advertised “customer appreciation day” at the park September 15. The family of eight packed up and headed over early.

It turns out, the park closed early for the season despite advertising a November shutdown and a big appreciation day. The tickets the family bought were non-refundable and only good for September 15.

Action News in Philadelphia pushed for a refund for the family and finally got it, but the company that owns the park still isn’t answering questions about why they shut early. And there was no apology.


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