Thieves Steal $7,000 Earmarked For Dead Husband's Tombstone

The NYPD is looking for two men who took $7,000 from an 89-year old widow during a strong-arm robbery in the Jacob Riis Houses.

Maximina Osorio told police she was unlocking the door to her apartment when two men "she's never seen before" pushed her into her home and demanded all the money she had in the house.

According to an article published in the New York Post, once the crooks entered the apartment they knocked Osorio to the floor and dragged her across the apartment to her bedroom where they rummaged through her draws until they found a stash of cash.

Osorio, who lives alone, told police that she screamed for help after the thieves left. When no one came to help her, she called 911 herself.

She said she was saving the money the crooks took to buy her late husband, Salvador Gonzalez, a tombstone.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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