Man With Prosthetic Left Leg, Right Foot Loses His Job After 30 years

After working 30 years at a New Jersey nail polish factory, Javier Amigon was fired because he periodically needed to rest his partially amputated foot on a stool while fitting caps on nail polish bottles.

In a lawsuit filed by Amigon, he explained to the court that everything at the job was fine until the business was sold to Kirker Enterprises in 2015. After Kirker took over, the company removed stools employees sat on during production.

Amigon said he brought in several doctors notes explaining that because he lost his left leg and part of his right foot in an accident, he occasionally had to rest his right leg on the stool while working.

The 58-year old's lawsuit claims that he worked for four days after his stool was removed until his partially missing right foot started to bleed and crack.

According to an article published in the New York Post, court papers claim Kirker Enterprises refused to provide Amigon with a stool because then every employee would want one.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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