Killer Hallucinogenic Weed Growing All Over City

There are streets in New York City that currently have some beautiful plants and bushes lining the streets. However, there are also some plants and bushes that can actually kill you.

According to officials, if you happened to come across a plant with trumpet-shaped flowers along the streets, you may at first think nothing about the unassuming plant. But, be very careful because that plant can kill you.

For some crazy reason the highly toxic bush of Datura Stramonium, also known as Jimsonweed, is blooming. The issue is that the plant is deadly when eaten, even in small quantities. It also happens to be a well-known hallucinogenic plant.

Officials are warning residents to stay away from the plants. The Parks Department of New York City started removing the plants when they were alerted about them. They say don't try and remove the plants yourself.