Schumer Wants To End “Doors-Off” Dog Flights

Senator Chuck Schumer says a helicopter company involved in a deadly crash in the East River is offering “doors-off” flights for dogs.

FlyNYON was involved in a 2018 crash that killed five people.He said the company is now offering people the chance to fly above the city, while dangling their feet and their pet above buildings and bridges.

“It is a sheer jaw-drop to know that the same company is strapping in dogs for people to snap pictures of while the animals all but dangle high above New York skies, experiencing the sound of the rotors and who knows what other cruel things,” Schumer said in a statement.

He said the flights aren’t being marketed to industry photographers, but rather everyday social media users.

“The FAA has an obligation to make sure tourist chopper flights are either operated safely or grounded.  The idea that passengers and their pets are being strapped in and dangled out of open doors hundreds of feet above ground without strong safeguards in place is astonishing, downright cruel for the animals, and a tragedy waiting to happen,” Senator Bob Menendez said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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