Here Are The Real Perks Employees Want At Work

Businesses these days know that happy employees are more productive employees, which is why some companies offer a variety of perks, like free lunch or even massages, to make sure their workers stay happy. But it turns out they’re focusing on the wrong thing.

A new survey finds that two thirds of employees would either accept a job or stay at a job that “supported and enhanced their health and well being,” and you’ll likely be surprised by what that means.

The survey notes that the top environmental factors affecting workers’ productivity and well being include things like air quality (58%), good lighting (50%), water quality (41)%) and comfortable temperatures (34%). Meanwhile things like healthy food choices (26%), fitness facilities (16%), and technology-based health tools (134S%) are the bottom three perks desired by employees.

As for the areas where offices need the most improvement, adequate temperature control and good quality/allergen-free air are the things employees want most (45%), followed by:

Paid time off (43%)

Options to adjust or customize workplace conditions (42%)

More outdoor views, natural light, and some connection to nature (39%)

And it seems employees would love it if companies would give them the options to personalize their work environment, with 48% wanting to personalize the temperature in their office with an app, 33% wishing they could personalize the lighting and 33% wishing they could control the masking of noise around them.

Source: Future Works