Woman Takes A Plea Deal After Twin Sister's Murder

Twenty-seven-year-old Amanda Ramirez admitted to stabbing her identical twin sister to death after a night of hard drinking on the streets of Camden, New Jersey, on June 22.

According to an article published in the New York Post, Ramirez took a plea deal from the Camden County Prosecutors Office that reduced her aggravated manslaughter charge to second-degree manslaughter.

Ramirez told the judge, who oversaw the plea agreement, that she was not sure what started the fight between herself and her sister Anna but knew the brawl ended with her stabbing her sister to death in the apartment they shared on East State Street in Camden.

First responders rushed Anna to Cooper University Hospital where she died from her injuries.

Court papers revealed that the deadly fight could have been the result of a "love triangle."

Amanda Ramirez will be sentenced in early October.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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