De Blasio May Quit Presidential Race in October

Mayor Bill de Blasio may be getting ready to throw in the towel on his presidential campaign.

After missing the cut for this month’s Democratic debate, he says qualifying for the October debate is crucial.

“I think the logical thing to say is, I'm going to go and try and get into October debates and, if I can, I think that's a good reason to keep going forward. And if I can't, I think it's really tough to conceive of continuing,” de Blasio said.

He claims the debates have had little actual impact on polling. But he admitted that’s the best way to get in front of voters.

People go from unheard of to totally famous in 72 hours in America now. So, a candidate like me who is not that well known yet, ask me in 72 hours, right? Something might change,” de Blasio said.

The mayor also defended his work at City Hall, amid criticism that he’s not paying enough attention to what’s happening in New York.

“This is a job that requires energy and attention every hour of every day and that’s what I do. There’s countless phones calls, countless emails. Checking in on all different leaders of different agencies, and folks at City Hall,” the mayor said.

De Blasio admitted it’s difficult to run the city and run for president at the same time, but claimed he’s still on the job.

“What matters is the work, the work getting done,” de Blasio said.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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