Bandit Has Robbed 6 Churches In The Last Month

The NYPD is on the hunt for the sinner who has robbed six churches and three commercial buildings in less than a month.

The bandit started his crime spree on August 4 when he smashed in the window of a Queens printing supply company and made off with $400 in cash.

According to an article printed in the New York Post, the suspect then started knocking off churches. The first house of worship he hit was the Catholic Church of Saint Sylvester in Brooklyn, where he stole over $1,000 from the collection boxes.

He then hit five more churches between August 10 and 12 racking up another $2,000 in cash and close to $3,000 in electronics.

The NYPD is going over surveillance videos from the six churches and other businesses robbed and has published a photograph of the man dressed in a bright orange construction vest.

Photo Credit: Getty Images