Towers Of Trash Stink Up Queens Neighborhood

The owner of 154-22 118th Avenue in South Jamaica, Queens, has a filthy fortress of garbage stacked 10-feet high around her home and refuses to do anything about it.

Authorities say she owes over $300,000 in unpaid fines that date back to 2015.

Despite warnings from New York Department of Buildings, the unnamed resident refuses to comply with a New York Administrative Code that states people must keep their roof, yard, courts and other open spaces clean and free of dirt, filth, garbage or other offensive material.

"We've called 311, we've written to the local assemblyman, we started petitions but nothing helps," said frustrated neighbor Pat Johnson.

Neighbor Jean Lipford told the New York Post that when people try talking to the woman about removing the trash she curses at them and goes out and collects more garbage.

Amy Paxton, who lives three doors down from the filth pile said the real problem is the rats that gather in the yard.

"There are large rats out there that run around like squirrels. It's disgusting and messy, and it's messing up the value of our homes."

Photo Credit:Getty Images

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