NYC Taco Bell Cantinas May Be Using Low-Alcohol Booze In Cocktails

Taco Bell Cantina locations offer one big thing that your regular Taco Bell doesn’t have: alcohol. There are more than a dozen of them across the country serving up Baja Blast slushies, but Vinepair claims that the Cantina locations in New York City are using lower-alcohol ingredients instead of the hard stuff customers expect.

They report that in one NYC Taco Bell Cantina, the alcohol options for spiking a frozen margarita “were not liquor, but lower-alcohol imposters. Instead of bona fide spirits, the touch screen menu offered fermented vodka, fermented rum, and agave wine.”

So what’s the big deal? Fermented alcohol isn’t as strong as the distilled stuff and it’s actually considered wine, not hard liquor. That’s fine if you know and you’re into it, but if you’re expecting the punch of your usual cocktail, these may not be as boozy as you want.

Source: Vinepair

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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