Jersey City Commuter Rides His Jet Ski To Brooklyn Everyday

David Pike has figured out how to make his usual 90-minute commute a lot shorter and a lot more fun by riding a jet ski to work

Pike, who lives in Jersey City, told the New York Post that his usual morning commute consisted of taking a bus to the Path train. From the Path train, he'd hop on the subway to yet another bus which dumped him off blocks away from his job in Brooklyn.

Pike said one day when he was riding on the path train he had an epiphany. "If I could just cut across the harbor my commute would be a breeze."

After some thought, Pike decided to buy a used Sea-Doo jet ski off of eBay and do some wave hopping on his way to work at New York Trolley in Brooklyn.

Pike said he parks the Jet Ski at the Brooklyn cruise terminal on a kayak dock. He's also cut his commute time from 90 minutes to about 15.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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