Dollar Stores Are Fined By NY State For Expired OTC Drugs

If you’re shopping at a deep discount store, make sure you always read expiration date. Here’s an example of why.

Family Dollar, Dollar Tree and Dollar General will pay the state of New York one-point-two-million dollars for selling expired over-the-counter drugs. The state Attorney General's office said an investigation found that some drugs were months beyond their expiration dates. Bascially, people went undercover into the stores and checked out the merchandise. The investigation started three years ago.

Even scarier, the New York AG also fined Dollar General for selling motor oil not suitable for engines built after 1930 and some not good for cars new than 1988. DG has pulled the oil.

As part of the agreement, the dollar stores now promise to abide by the law… but you should still be vigilant.

Source: Fox Business

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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