Homeless Man In Viral Photo Gets Job Offer

Last week, a homeless man, Joe Arroyo, was given a pair of shoes by a stranger who was jogging past him in New York City. The act of kindness was captured and shared in a Twitter post, and it’s led to even better things for Arroyo.

He was interviewed about the now-viral good deed and the 30-year-old told reporters that he’s been living on the streets for years, but he’s looking for a job and any opportunity he’s offered. Andrew Zurica saw the story and wanted to help. He owns Hard Times Sundaes and other eateries and has seen his share of troubles and has offered Arroyo a job and a second chance.

Arroyo says he was losing hope before meeting Zurica and that this opportunity is life-changing for him. He says, “This is more than a blessing right now.”

Source: ABC News

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