More Sexual Abuse Victims File Lawsuits Against Brooklyn Diocese

The Child Victims Act that went into effect on August 14 continues to rack up allegations against the clergy and other church employees in the New York area. So far 47 alleged victims have stepped forward and filed suit against the Diocese of Brooklyn.

According to an article published in the New York Post the latest suit filed in Brooklyn was by a 74-year-old man identified in court papers as J.D. The court papers claim that J.D. was molested by Father Sylvester Marsh of the St. Matthias Roman Catholic Church in the 1950s when JD was only 7 years old. The victim claimed Father Marsh abused him sexually when he was at a church summer sleep away camp.

The lawsuit filed by J.D.'s lawyer states, "The Diocese of Brooklyn knew for decades that its priests, clergy, seminarians, and teachers were using their positions to sexually abuse children."

The Child Victims Act allows victims to bring lawsuits against abusers regardless of their age or number of years that have gone by since the crime occurred.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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