Customers Not Happy With MTA's Plan To Do Away With Printed Bus Schedules

The MTA's plan to trim their budget by over a half a million dollars by getting rid of printed schedules is not popular with a majority of commuters or politicians.

Last month the transportation giant began removing schedules at some bus stops and replaced them with notices prompting riders to check out the schedules on the MyMTA app.

An article that was posted on showed that riders have mixed options on the proposed changes. Phillip Sattel of the Upper West Side said, "I don't have a smartphone so I'll have to sit here and wait for the bus. It's very unfair."

73-year-old Edward Roberts chimed in with "I'm lucky because my daughter downloaded the app for me, but I'm still confused about how to work it."

City Councilman Barry Grodenchik questioned the MTA's plan stating, "In a $16.7 billion budget nobody's going to notice a half a million dollars."

The MTA will have schedules available on their website that can be printed out by customers.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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