Family Escapes Unharmed After Dump Truck Plows Through Their Home

A South Brunswick, New Jersey family is lucky to be alive after a dump truck plowed through their home while the family slept. According to an article posted on, the truck plowed over twenty feet into the house and ended up wedged in the family kitchen.

Paul Walczyk, a neighbor of the smashed house said of the accident; "It just sounded like a rumble, like a truck coming down the road. I hope the driver's ok."

The truck was so deeply embedded in the house that a crew of men from a towing company had to hook up a wench and pull the truck out of the wreckage before the driver could be extricated. The driver of the dump truck whose name was not released was rushed to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital and is listed in critical condition.

South Brunswick Police Sgt. Gary Holston said the family was lucky the truck didn't hit the house four or five feet over. If it would have there might have been fatalities.

Photo Credit:Getty Images

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