Lenny Dykstra Signs On To Fight Bagel Boss; Will it Get Sanctioned?

If you don’t know who Chris “Bagel Boss Guy” Morgan is by now, well, then good for you for sleeping though his fifteen minutes of obnoxious fame last week.

If you do, he’s putting in for an extra five minutes of it—or however long a celebrity boxing match takes, as he inked a deal to fight former MLB All-Star Lenny Dykstra in a Damon Feldman celebrity boxing promotion.

“We’re told Lenny agreed to a deal and signed the contract on Friday (he’ll be paid a fixed amount of money for the fight)…and will begin training immediately for the September 7th bout in Atlantic City, NJ.”

Oh, and the report added it’s supposed to be officiated by Jackass Bam Margera—oops I mean Bam Margera of Jackass.

Actually, I meant the first one, I had to say the second one.

Should be a good match featuring an angry deluded midget of with a height of 4-11 battling a washed-up ball player with an age of 5-6.

I guess the edge should go to the Bagel boy, as the 56-year-old Dykstra doesn’t have much time to get into fighting shape—or any shape. Not that Bagel Boss Guy is Floyd Mayweather or Uncle Floyd for that matter.

And there is still the matter of whether New Jersey will actually sanction such a showdown. If this turns out to be anything other than a joke, they would be putting both fighters at real risk of serious harm.

Not to mention, I cannot see Dykstra passing a drug test.

Hey, we’ll know soon enough, as fight night is just weeks away on September 7.

Source: NJ.com