Swarm of 25,000 Bees Removed By Police

The New York City Police Department is made up of many different divisions. There is the homicide detectives, the robbery detectives, the SWAT unit and the bee unit. That's right, the New York City Police have a beekeeping unit and it's a good thing they do.

The department's beekeeping unit got a call from a police lieutenant with Staten Island Ferry security that about 25,000 honeybees were clinging to a metal awning at the boat terminal. The area was cordoned off with yellow police tape, as passengers kept their distance from the colony and were admittedly freaked out by the site. 

This special unit is made up of two officers and sometimes a third with beekeeping expertise. It even has its own Twitter account. The officers descended upon the colony at night and by morning, they had managed to relocate the 25,000 bees. However, one of the officers got stung four of five times while trying to remove them. 

The officer said they removed over eight pounds of bees and reminded folks if you ever come across a swarm like that, don't do anything except call the police. 

Source: New York Times