Thief Returns Stolen Ketchup After Theft Brought Them Bad Luck

What goes around, comes around. It appears that a ketchup thief got themselves a lesson in karma after they replaced the stolen ketchup to a New Jersey Perkins restaurant.

The restaurant says it will forgive the person who stole the ketchup. As one of the managers was closing up last week, she noticed a brown bag next to the entrance with two ketchup bottles and a letter.

In the letter, the person admitted to stealing a bottle of ketchup from the restaurant but deeply regretted it saying that it was the worst thing that they had ever done and how it has brought them nothing but bad luck. The thief hoped returning two new bottles would turn things around and reverse the ketchup karma. The restaurant said it never even noticed a ketchup bottle was missing but is forgiving the thief.

In fact, the owner said the letter will be framed inside the restaurant.

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