Jersey Shore Town Try's To Keep Aggressive Seagulls At Bay

Seagulls have gotten so aggressive in one Jersey Shore town that officials are turning to birds of prey for a solution.

In Ocean City, the seagulls have become a major nuisance, dive bombing people on the boardwalk to steal fries, pizza and other snacks. Mayor Jay Gillian says the final straw for him was when a baby's carriage was dive bombed, smacking the youngster in the face.

Now, Lodi-based "East Coast Falcons" will fly two well fed falcons, a hawk, and an owl in shifts to scare the gulls away, but not harm them. In case you’re wondering, the birds of prey are tracked with GPS and “called back” at the end of their shift.

The Humane Society has approved of the program.

Source: ABC New York

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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