NJ Family Is Missing Cat After Movers Took Couch It Might Have Been In

This is why people can't have nice things. One family's attempt at bringing in new furniture to their house may have caused them to lose their family cat.

When deliverymen dropped off the new couch at the Strassberg family home last month, they took their old couch out of the house. It appears they might have taken more than just the couch. Blade, the ten-year-old family cat may also have left with it.

The family's cat had a strange habit when people would come over to visit. It seems he would jump into the old couch and hide. The couch, a pullout, didn't fully close, providing Blade the perfect hiding spot.

This time, the hiding spot proved so effective that the deliverymen didn't see Blade when they hauled the old couch out to their truck and drove off.

The family called the furniture company and explained the situation. The company was able to give him a list of stops the delivery truck made after picking up his old couch. They weren't exact addresses, but at least the family had the town names and streets where Blade might have been dropped off.

They are still looking for Blade and have flyers up in the areas that he may have gotten off the truck.

Source: NorthJersey

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