Jays Deal Marcus Stroman To Mets For Prospects

The MLB trade deadline is this Wednesday and the Mets got the ball rolling yesterday with what many would see as a bit of a surprise.

Because it makes sense that the Blue Jays—who sit at nearly 30 games back in the AL East, and 20 in the Wildcard—would be “sellers” at the deadline.

It doesn’t make sense why a team like the Mets, who—while just six back in the NL Wildcard—are all but eliminated, is having to go through teams far better than them.

Nevertheless, the Jays sent pitcher Marcus Stroman to the Mets for pitching prospects Anthony Kay and Simeon Woods Richardson.

Those teams above the Mets, incidentally, are the Cubs, Cardinals, Nationals, Phillies, Brewers, Giants, and Diamondbacks who—unlike the Mets—don’t have a manager who many believe will be fired, and who has certainly lost the clubhouse.

And all those teams have a closer who can, well, close—unlike the Mets’s Edwin Diaz who cannot.

At least not in New York. I mean he had 57 saves last season with just four blown saves for the Mariners before the Mets paid him a boatload to come to NYC to convert just 22 saves while already blowing four.

Look for the Mets to trade him before Wednesday. A change of scenery will do him a world of good—and give the Mets flexibility in signing more talent to help them keep believing they can still make the post season.

Source: ESPN

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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