Queens Girl Is Behind The West Coast Burger Mystery

The mysterious appearance of an In-N- Out cheeseburger earlier this week in Queens has been solved thanks to a die-hard fan who went to social media for answers.

Lincoln Boehm posted a photo of the beloved West Coast Burger he found sitting in the street to Instagram hoping that someone would have a clue how the burger ended up on the East Coast. Within a few hours, he had his answer.

16-year-old Queens resident Helen Vivas contacted Boehm and explained that she had just returned from a trip to California on a red-eye flight. While in Cali she stopped at the popular burger chain for dinner and brought home a few extra burgers to eat later.

After Vivas landed at JFK she took the Airtrain to Jamaica station to pick up the Q44 bus. When she got off the Airtrain she saw the bus ready to leave the stop so she ran to catch it. While running the bag of burgers ripped open and one of the burgers fell on the street.

According to the New York Post,the two In-N-Out burger lovers have become friends and are planning a BBQ get together this weekend.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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