Slaughterhouse Escapee Killed in Home Depot Parking Lot

Customers of a Home Depot store in Bloomfield, Connecticut, watched in horror as a cow that escaped from a nearby meat market had its throat slit in the parking lot of the hardware store.

Two employees from Saba's meat store armed with a machete and a bow and arrow were chasing the animal around the parking lot when police showed up and corned the animal with their squad car.

As the police and meat store employees moved in on the cow the employee armed with the bow and arrow shot at the animal and missed it badly, leaving the arrow stuck in the store's wall.

The meat store employee armed with the machete had better luck and as the cow ran by him he slashed its throat causing the animal to bleed out in front of dozens of people who gathered to watch the make-shift rodeo.

According to an article published in the New York Post ,the meat store employee who slashed the cow's throat was ticketed for creating a public disturbance.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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