Extreme Heat Scratches Saratoga's Saturday Races

For the first time in 13 years, the Saratoga Race Course will be closed to ensure the equine athletes and horsemen remain safe during the extreme heat event that is torching a good portion of the United States.

"This is a responsible and prudent decision that aligns with our New York Racetrack Heat Management Protocol designed to ensure safe racing for all participants," said the state gaming commission's Equine Medical Director Dr. Scott E. Palmer.

NYRA CEO and President Dave O'Rourke who was quoted in the New York Post said, "Assessing the safety of racing conditions, including weather, racing surfaces, and race day scrutiny is the utmost importance to NYRA and our industry partners."

Meteorologists predict the temperatures will reach between 105 and 110 degrees Saturday, during the normal racing times.

Training for the horses will still take place but at 5:00 am to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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