New York Cop Hails Cab For Visually Impaired Woman

A police officer in New York City was caught on camera doing a good deed. Officer Donald Swartz stepped away from his usual post at a Harlem subway station to get some water when he spotted a woman walking toward the curb with a cane. He warned her that the light was green and she thanked him, then asked for help hailing a cab.

The NYPD officer asked where she was heading, put her in the cab and continued on with his day, not thinking anything of it. He says he’s stunned by the reaction online to the video because it’s all part of the job.

"This is 98% of the police work we do, or try to do," Swartz explains. "Seeing the positive side of policing is great. Because a lot of times we just see the negative. But it's good to see something positive get out there."

Source: Inside Edition

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