Rusty Cadillac That Spent 25 Years Parked On Brooklyn Street Gets Towed


It's the end of an era in Brooklyn after a Windsor Park resident's repeated complaints to the NYPD about a rusty 1971 Cadillac that had been parked on the street there for roughly a quarter-century.

The New York Daily News reports the car lingered in the same spot for years as the elements slowly deflated its tires and peeled the paint from its body.

Locals say the vintage car was a considered a landmark if also sort of an eyesore. One neighbor estimates the vehicle appeared on the block sometime around 1994.

The car remained in the spot ever since, despite the elements, alternate side parking rules and even a recent filming permit that required residents to move their cars. Neighbors have marveled at how the car never accumulated parking tickets, how it hadn't been towed sooner and how it had a current New York inspection sticker on the windshield.

Neighbors tell the Daily News they're happy to see the car gone, with one noting that it was a health and safety hazard, having been filled over the years from floor to ceiling with old newspapers, used coffee cups and empty water bottles — a fire hazard and likely haven for all manner of vermin.

The vehicle finally received a ticket from a street cleaner after the Daily News inquired about it. The inquiry stemmed complaints of a 14-year resident who said the NYPD repeatedly ignored his calls about the rotting auto. It was towed soon thereafter.

Photo: Getty Images

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