Viral "Bagel Guy" Signs Contract With Fight Promoter

Chris Morgan, AKA the flipped out bagel shop customer, is milking his 15 minutes of fame to the fullest after signing a contract to fight another viral video celebrity in Atlantic City on September 7th.

Morgan, who became famous after being filmed while going on a tirade in a Long Island bagel shop last week told the New York Post he's ready to fight any opponent. "I don't need no training, I'm prepared. I'm just naturally tough, I'll whoop his ass," said the five-foot tough guy.

Morgan, who was interviewed by TMZ outside of his home / van, told the tabloid TV show that his talent is "getting possessed."

Boxing promoter Damon Feldman released a statement saying it was possible that Morgan might fight Antoine Dodson, another viral star who became famous after brawling with an intruder who entered his Alabama home in 2010.

Morgan said the bagel shop rant was a result of feeling "belittled."

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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