Dante de Blasio Recalls Scary Encounter With San Francisco Police

Mayor de Blasio's 21-year-old son Dante recently wrote an op-ed piece for USA Today telling of his frightening experience with the San Francisco police.

In the article, Dante de Blasio tells the paper about the time he was visiting his sister in an affluent part of San Francisco. Dante says he was outside for ten minutes trying to remember how to enter his sister's apartment key code when a police cruiser pulled over to observe him.

Dante told the New York Post, "I frantically, and correctly, typed in the door code so fast that the cops didn't even have a chance to step out of the car to question me."

He says his father and cousins once sat him down and warned them how to act around police.

During the first democratic debate Mayor de Blasio touched on the dangers young black men face when dealing with the police. The remark rattled the cage of NYPD Police Union Chief Patrick Lynch, who said the mayor's remarks demonized cops.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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