Mets Manager Apologizes, Fined By Team For Dust-Up With Reporter

Seems like Mets fans aren’t the only ones swearing after the team loses, so is their own manager.

Problem is, the outburst of profanity that Mets manager Mickey Callaway spewed wasn’t directed at this team, it was directed at a journalist in the moments after Sunday’s loss to the Chicago Cubs.

And it seems Mets pitcher Jason Vargas joined in to add to the ridiculousness by forcing the front office’s hand yesterday.

Now neither Callaway or Vargas will be suspended for their actions because, let’s face it, the real punishment is being on the Mets—both will be fined according to Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen.

Van Wagenen went on to call the altercation "disappointing" and "regrettable" while adding he does not expect Major League Baseball to hand down any additional discipline for either Callaway or Vargas.

Yeah, pretty sure the MLB has forgotten the Mets are even still a team. So yeah, they wouldn’t think to pursue any action on them.

But it seems there is some action looming after Mets fans were livid with Callaway and called for the team to fire… again over the way he conducted himself during the fracas.

Clearly the Mets don’t see this situation in the same light. And that, by itself, may be emblematic of a larger problem within the organization.

Or maybe they don’t want to waste any more energy on Callaway who is going to be gone after this year—if he makes it that long.

Because to put it in Callaway’s terms, his grade for the season also uses the letter “F.”

Source: Sportsnaut

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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