Majority Of Americans To Road Trip With Their Pets This Summer

As we previously told you, 37.6-million Americans will be hitting the road this summer for a getaway, and apparently they aren’t forgetting to take their four-legged friends along with them.

A new Orbitz survey finds that 77% of American plan to include their pets on their summer road trip, with 33% of pet owners saying they would love to road trip across the country with their fur babies. What’s more, 12% of people would rather road trip with their pets than their family, children or partners.

And it seems a lot of folks are planning their trips specifically with their pets in mind, with 20% of folks planning to visit a dog park this summer on their road trip, while 21% want to take selfies at tourist attractions with their animals.

Of course, if you’re going to have your pet in the car with you there are some rules you need to stick to, although apparently a lot of pet owners don’t abide by them. While 58% of pet owners let their pets ride in the back, and another 15% crate them, 25% admit their dogs rides either in the front seat or even on their lap. And when it comes to hotels, one-in-three admit to sneaking their pet into their hotel room instead of finding a pet-friendly hotel, even though such hotels have increased 40% each year.

Source: Financial Content

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