New York Dads Gather To Take Their Kids On a Stroll

Over a hundred dads and their kids gathered in a New York City park for their first ever “Strollin' With the Homies” event. Sean Williams, founder of The Dad Gang and organizer, creates events that aren’t just fun for the dads and kids, but also “socially and visually impactful.”

The Dad Gang, which launched in 2016, usually hosts monthly meet ups along with larger events throughout the year with a goal of changing the narrative around Black fatherhood. Just like the NYC park walk. “People started cheering, some waved and our kids smiled and waved back. A few women who saw us cried,” said Sean.

Williams also has expansion plans for the Dad Gang. For starters, he wants to open different chapter across country and bring the annual dad stroll to every major city.

Source: Because of Them We Can

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