Wealthy Westchester Family Sued By Personal Assistant

Chauffeur and personal assistant Shamel Thompson has brought a lawsuit against his former employer and her daughter stating that he was continually bombarded with racist insults and demeaning, sexually-charged suggestions.

Thompson is quoted in today's New York Post claiming that a wealthy Westchester County mother and daughter who hired him as a personal assistant called him the N-word and tried to seduce him even though they knew he was a married father of three.

Court papers claim the mother and daughter team had at times asked Thompson to wipe feces from their genitals, sleep with them both, and to clean up feces and urine from the floor because the autistic daughter could not make it to the bathroom.

The lawsuit which asks for $12,000 in back pay also claims the mother, daughter combo showed Thompson's wife several videos of the two women touching each other in an inappropriate manner while she was employed by them.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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