Firefighter Charged With Reckless Driving After Bumping Bicyclist With Car

Firefighter Brauley De La Rosa surrendered at the 10th Precinct station-house yesterday after a video of him getting into a beef with a bicyclist came to light.

The video reportedly shows De La Rosa rolling into a crosswalk after the light had turned red, narrowly missing an unidentified cyclist. After the near miss, the cyclist refused to get out of the way of the car until De La Rosa bumped him and his bike with the car.

Witness Liz Gonzales who shot the video was quoted in the New York Daily News saying, "The cyclist wasn't willing to let it go, and the two men had words. When the man got back in his car and the bicyclist wouldn't move the driver used the car to move him."

In an interview with, De La Rosa said the bike rider hit his car, and wouldn't move. "I was just trying to get out of the way (so) traffic could continue on... It's totally blown out of proportion," he said.

De La Rosa was issued a desk appearance ticket and released.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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