The Most Stressed City In The U.S. Is…

It’s no secret there are plenty of people who are dealing with stress, but it turns out folks in some cities are more stressed than others.

A new survey finds Los Angeles is the most stressed city in the U.S., with 76% of residents saying they are at least somewhat stressed each day, and only 6% saying they have no stress at all. Those in L.A. are so stressed out they are the most likely out of the entire country to say their city is hardest to live in (61%).

Coming in just behind Los Angeles in stress levels is New York, where 72% of folks say they deal with stress each day, followed by:

Chicago (65%)

Miami (64%)

Dallas (48%)

San Francisco (44%)

The poll notes that things in Los Angeles get so bad that folks can only go 10 and a half days in the city without needing a break from it, while New Yorkers can go seven days longer without needing a break, and folks in Chicago can go nine days longer.

Source: SWNS Digital

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