School's Out And This Is Why Summe's The Worst For Parents

Way back when we were young and child-free, summer was the best. We spent warm days drinking outside, went swimming, and had carefree fun in the sun. But since becoming parents, summer has changed. There’s a lot more to think about and deal with when you have kids and these are some of the reasons summer kind of sucks for parents.

  • Putting sunscreen on kids- No matter how old your kiddo is, getting them properly covered in sunscreen is never easy and all that squirming and shrieking they do really doesn’t help.
  • Camp Grandma confirms your worst fears- If you feel like your kid loves your parents more than you, a week at their house where they can watch anything, eat anything and not be told what to do will confirm it.
  • Kids want to be outside all the time and the hot weather gives everyone a short temper- Little ones love playing outside and we love them burning off energy, but when it’s super hot outside it’s harder to be patient, especially for parents.
  • Your kid is peeing in the pool- Even when you’re right next to them.
  • Ice cream trucks- Your kid can’t hear anything you say, but they can hear that dang ice cream truck coming from three blocks away every time.
  • Popsicles- Sure, they’re refreshing on a hot summer day, but have you ever tried getting the stains from one of those out? It’s worse than red wine!
  • All that sunlight and longer days destroy naps and bedtime- Tough to tell the kids it’s bedtime when the sun isn’t even fully down yet.
  • School supply shopping starts in July- That’s still the middle of summer, people. So there’s no need to start thinking about glue sticks and folders just yet.
  • Vacations aren’t vacations- Planning a family getaway isn’t relaxing, it’s all about budgets and schedules. And then once you actually go on the trip, you’re still the parent, so you can’t catch a break then either.
  • You’re still at work- Even though we seem to have a lot to complain about during the summer, missing out on all that fun stuff your family is doing because you have to work is the actual worst.

Source: Fatherly