College Student Avoids Dad's Summer Job Lecture By Winning Lottery

A New Jersey college student was home for the summer and not looking forward to a lecture he knew was coming from his dad about getting a summer job. So Kristopher Chrysanthopoulos, 20, decided to check his Mega Millions lottery ticket during a car ride with his father. And that’s when he realized he hit five numbers.

Instead of hearing the dreaded father-son talk, Kristopher told his dad he won and they pulled into a vendor to confirm the results. Dad realized his college kid wasn’t just trying to scam his way out of getting a summer job, he actually won the lottery. By matching all five white balls, he scored a cool $1-million. Now he plans to take his family on a trip and save the rest for the future. And we’re guessing he can slide on the summer job.

Source: New York Post