Survey Finds We Are More Social During The Summer

While plenty of us like to go out with friends, or to a movie or a concert, there’s also plenty of times where we’d rather do anything but be social, and it’s not surprising to hear that weather plays a big role in just how social we are.

According to a new poll, 35% of Americans are more likely to avoid being social during the winter than during the summer, with 30% of people saying they average only about one or two events during the winter. But things certainly change once the weather does. In fact, Americans are 31% more social during summer than they are during winter, with half of those polled saying summer is their busiest time of year to go to event and meet up with friends.

And one of the ways folks stay social over the summer is by throwing a party, and it seems such events are traditions for a lot of people. It turns out, half of Americans plan to throw a summer party this year, with folks hosting their summer get together for seven years, on average.

As for those summer bashes, they usually include about 15 guests, and take three days of preparation, with 2-point-35 hours of cleanup. As for the biggest reasons to host a summer party, they include: 

  • Family gathering
  • Birthday party
  • Barbecue
  • Cookout
  • Fourth of July 

Source: SWNS Digital

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