Prosecutor's Hubs Faces Seven Years For Spying On Nanny In Shower

You need to be careful about who you agree to nanny for these days. The husband of a Manhattan prosecutor could face criminal charges after he and his wife allegedly videotaped their nanny undressing and showering in their bathroom.

The nanny’s lawyer says Matthew Seltzer, could be charged by a grand jury with possible felony charges of unlawful surveillance, attempted unlawful surveillance and falsification of business records. Seltzer is married to Lauren Angelo-Seltzer, a Manhattan DA assistant. Vanessa Rivas, 23, claims she caught the couple in January 2018 just as she was about to disrobe and shower at their apartment. She spotted the hidden camera, disguised to look like a black iPhone charger.

She then confronted Angelo-Seltzer and she denied any knowledge of the camera. She also claims that the ADA tried to bully and intimidate her into not pursuing the matter, calling the police to threaten to arrest her if she didn't hand over the camera's memory card, which she had taken as evidence.

It is also alleged that Angelo-Seltzer's mother, former Manhattan Criminal Court judge Eileen Kortez, offered to pay for Rivas' lost income if she agreed to "end this". Kortez has resigned as a judicial hearing officer after accusations she "meddled in the case."

If convicted, Seltzer faces four to seven years in prison and could have to register as a sex offender.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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