Woodstock 50 “Officially” Cancelled… Or Is It?

The 50th anniversary celebration of Woodstock, should’ve been a momentous musical event. Unfortunately, it won’t be…we think. The three-day concert was originally supposed to carry the names of such heavy-hitters as Jay-Z,Imagine Dragons, The Killers,and Dead & Co., as well as artists that played the original event like John Fogerty, David Crosby,and Country Joe McDonald. Then yesterday came word that’s it’s dust. Then came later word…that it’s not. Confused? Yeah…so is everyone else.

As for the cancellation, among the problems cited for the were capacity issues, permitting, and questions on whether the site would be ready in time for the event. Reps from Woodstock 50 even reached out to Live Nation and AEG to ask about tossing in $20-million to make it happen, and both companies declined. Fortunately, no tickets had gone on sale yet for the August 16-18 event, so no ticket refunds needed to be made. However, $30-million had been spend on talent, and most of the artists had already been paid for the gig.

So what about the “not?” A contradictory statement has come from other organizers of Woodstock 50 where they adamantly deny the cancellation – and say plans to go ahead at Watkins Glen Speedway are on.

No matter which side prevails, it’s clear the event’s having some problems…and with the event allegedly right around the corner, someone ought to figure it out quickly…because tickets need selling and it’s only about 100-days away.


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