Hundreds Of Strangers Come To Honor WWII Vet's Funeral

When Robert Graham was laid to rest last week in Shrub Oak, New York, hundreds of people came out to show their support for the 97-year-old veteran and most of them had never even met him. Word had gotten out that Graham, who served as a Marine Raider during World War II, wouldn’t have any family at his funeral and people didn’t want to let him be buried with no one there.

Graham lost his wife of 60 years, Rosie, two years ago and he didn’t have any close relatives or friends left. His death may have gone unnoticed, but Beth Regan, who volunteers at the nursing home where he lived, reached out on social media to ask people to come. Her message spread quickly and when the vet was buried, his funeral included a police motorcade, an escort, over 200 military veterans, police and firefighters from across the state.

"I just wanted to make sure people would attend," Regan explains. "He'd be floored. He wouldn't understand why so many people are out there celebrating him."

Source: Task and Purpose

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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