Gas From Human Waste Will Soon Be Used as Energy In Homes

The decade old idea of using gas produced from human waste as fuel is moving right along in NYC and the plant should be dumping usable fuel into homes by the end of the year.

The joint venture between the Department of Environmental Protection and the National Grid takes the gas from local human waste and converts it into usable, clean gas.

The plant located in Brooklyn which has been using the fuel to run the Newton Creek Facility for some time has decided to capture the excess gas and use it in New Yorkers homes.

Wastewater plant supervisor Pam Elardo is quoted in the New York Post claiming that the gas is the same as methane collected from other types of animal waste, but in this case we are the feed-stock supplying the waste.

The Department of Sanitation has been collecting the gases from decomposing trash in Staten Island for years and pumping the gas into homes for over 30 years but this will be the first time the gas from human waste will be piped into local homes.

Photo Credit:Getty Images

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