Two-Way Tolling Proposed on Verrazzano Bridge

Some New York City lawmakers are pushing to toll drivers traveling in both directions on the Verrazzano Bridge.

Currently, the cash toll for drivers traveling from Brooklyn to Staten Island can cost upwards of $19. Officials want to change that so that drivers pay $9.50 each way.

“This isn’t rocket science, okay.It’s free to go over one side of the Verrazzano and plenty of commercial vehicles, as well as passenger vehicles, take advantage of that and then they don’t come back this way,” Congressman Max Rose said.

Drivers traveling from Brooklyn to New Jersey will avoid the toll by traveling through Manhattan instead of Staten Island. That can lead to congestion and other traffic problems.

"What that does is produces incredibly distorted traffic patterns," Rose said.

The plan also has the support of the MTA.

“Split tolling on the Verrazzano could help cut congestion - will cut congestion - on Staten Island, in Brooklyn and in Lower Manhattan,” MTA Chairman Pat Foye said

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