Dentists Warn Kombucha Is As Bad For Teeth As Soda

Kombucha - the trendy drink everyone loves for its health benefits is apparently not so good for one part of your body. Dentists are warning that the fermented, effervescent beverage is basically rotting your teeth at pretty much the same rate as sugary sodas.

While some dentists have been trying to tell us this for years, now one dentist is getting attention for raising his concerns.Dr. Larry Molenda shared up his worries about “everyone’s favorite fizzy mold tea,” recently, explaining that the high acidity of kombucha is bad for the enamel on your teeth.

He also says that because it has to have a pH level below 3.5 to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in the drink, it’s really harsh on your teeth’s protective barrier. To compare, Dr. Molenda points out that the average pH of water is seven - neutral, while tea is a six - slightly more acidic, and vinegar is a two - very acidic.

But you don’t have to cut kombucha out of your life for good, you can still sip on it to get those health benefits, just follow these dentist-approved tips to minimize the risks.

  • Neutralize the acid levels in your mouth- Drink it with foods that have lower acidity or just swish with water when you’re finished drinking the kombucha.
  • Find one with less sugar- Go for the health benefits, not the flavor.
  • Drink it quickly- Having it in your mouth less means you’ll be able to restore pH levels in your mouth to neutral faster.


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