New Jersey Restaurant Under Fire For Males Only Sign

A New Jersey business is catching flak after posting a Help Wanted sign seeking Males Only. Essex County resident Joseph Pezzano posted a photo to his Facebook account earlier this week showing a handwritten sign hanging at the Gyro King in Bloomfield.

The sign requests “males only” apply, and the restaurant owners are saying they've since been threatened with boycotts and have received negative reviews since Pezzano's post went up. Gyro King manager Amir Ahmad says the request for males is only related to the heavy lifting involved with the position, and that they're actually willing to hire anyone able to do the work.

He also says the sign has been replaced to reflect that. "I was in a rush to find somebody fast," says Ahmad. "We didn't mean nothing in a bad way. To be honest I didn't really think about it." At last check, no one’s been hired. So if you’re in the area…can work 9am to 1pm, Monday to Saturday, and can lift 40-pounds?


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